A pair of sexy video clips. Construction project moving right along ….

abs worshipHi, friends and readers:

I thought I’d post a pair of video clips tonight, ones I particularly like. Look at the top clip. I mean, who could resist stroking those rock-hard abs? And I wonder how long the guy to the right will be wearing that towel? U-m-m-m, I’d guess about thirty seconds. Yum-m-m.

It’s been a chilly, damp and windy day, here on the island, really nasty conditions. About the only thing I did outdoors was to walk from my car into the supermarket, and then walk back with my groceries. I stayed indoors all day, working on two writing projects.

butt lickOkay, here’s the second video clip, which I find rather sexy. Don’t you? Who could resist licking those beautiful butt cheeks? And the guy doing the licking is pretty cute too. I guess this is a clip from a porn video, but I don’t really know.

In other news, the contractor came this morning, and he’s already completed a large portion of our project — adding support to the roof over our living/dining room. The work looks really good; it actually enhances the look of the room, in my opinion.

Okay, everyone, I have much to do, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Thursday night. Stay warm.

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