One more day of black-and-white beauty; gorgeous day on the island ….

black and white beauty #7Hi, friends and readers:

People really seem to enjoy the black-and-white photos I put up on Saturday and Sunday, so I decided to continue with more black-and-whites today.

I really like the photo to the left because it raises questions in the viewer’s mind. Why is the young man naked except for his Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers? Why is he seated on the floor with his arms and head resting on a stool? He looks sad, but why? Is his boyfriend punishing him for bad behavior? Or is he awaiting punishment? Like many good photos, this one asks more questions than it answers.

black and white beauty #14Okay, and here’s another photo I like very much. I’m not a huge fan of chin whiskers or soul patches, but this guy has a beauty to him that begs to be photographed. Look at those dark eyes and his lips. Of course, he’s probably the type of straight guy you work with or go to school with who is unattainable, but still: Aye-yi-yi ….

I took my usual three-mile walk on the beach this morning. It was foggy donw there, but warm and still. I was barefoot, wearing only shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt, and I was totally comfortable. Now the fog has burned off, and the rest o the day will be sunny and warm, perfect February weather.

My boyfriend’s not working today, but he has a meeting right after we visit the YMCA, so I’ll run errands on my own and then we’ll share our evening together. Have I mentioned we purchased a portable fire pit for our patio? It’s about three feet in diameter, with a glass tile ledge running around the perimeter. We’ve used it last past two nights and it’s a great way to spend an hour or so during the evening.

All right, friends, I have much to do before leaving for the YMCA, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Monday. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

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