Sexy black-and-white video clip; another pretty night o the island ….

losing shirtHi, friends and readers:

In keeping with my black-and-white theme, I decided to post this b & w video clip toonight. I think it’s pretty sexy. I recognize the boy on the left; he seems to appear in many porn videos these days, but I don’t know his name. His has a fine rear end, and in his videos he usually portrays an innocent lad getting his hole poked by men older and more experienced than himself. Who wouldn’t want to peel his shirt off? I’m jealous ….

My trip to the YMCA was great. It felt so nice to exercise again, now that my sinus infeciton has about cleared up. I especially enjoyed my lap-swimming, it always relaxes me after a workout in the weight room. Now I’m home on the island, and the fog is rolling in off the Gulf of Mexico, giving everything a bit of a spooky look, but I like it. Things are very quiet here tonight.

My boyfriend and I are traveling to Gainesville tomorrow, for a campus visit and for the Gators/Missouri basketball game. This means we must leave early in the morning, so we’ll have to pack tonight. We’re spending a quiet night at home, but maybe we’ll light up the fire pit again.

Have a nice Monday night, all. I’ll post from Gainiesville tomorrow afternoon.


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