What is going on with Tumblr? Is it time to kiss Yahoo goodbye?

amazed #3Hi, friends and readers:

In the past I have often posted links to photos or videos posted at any number of Tumblr accounts. I always thought Tumblr was pretty cool, a kind of wide open forum of ideas and images.

I understand that back in May 2013, Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo. (Remember them?) Since then, I’ve noticed that many of my links to Tumblr posts lead to a “does not exist anymore” message. Here’s what I am talking about: http://myhiddengayside.tumblr.com/post/50295563291/my-hidden-gay-side-lots-of-badly-hidden-sausage

It seems Yahoo has turned Tumblr into a “vanilla only” content community. Great . . . .

Sexy WallpaperI don’t like censorship of any kind. The First Amendment means what it says. “Freedom of speech shall not be abridged.” And the Internet is the ultimate free speech organ. If you intend to gag my content when I communicate on the web, then I will not patronize your business, and it seems to me Yahoo has embarked on a crusade to cleanse the Internet of content Yahoo deems “inappropriate.” Tell me if I am wrong — I hope I am — but it seems to me Yahoo is step-by-step censoring every Tumblr account in existence. If so, may I suggest we stop using Yahoo’s services?

I’d be happy to hear from anyone who has a different view on this subject. And if I have made any erroneous assumptions on this topic, feel free to correct me. In the meantime, I won’t visit Yahoo again, for anything, and I think it’s sad ’cause for years I have participated in Yahoo chat groups and I have used their long distance service when I’m in foreign countries. But I can’t tolerate censorship. Sorry.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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