Two more slender guys; foggy night on the island ….

black and white beauty #11Hi, friends and readers:

know you guys enjoyed the photos of slender guys I posted earlier today, so I am posting two more tonight, both of them quite special, in my opinion.

Have a look at the photo to the left. I like everything about it: the lighting, the way the boy is posed, and his tousled hair. But I especially like the expression on his face. It seems to suggest he’s a little but apprehensive about something. Maybe he’s about to kiss a guy he’s just met. Or maybe something bad just happened in his life, a job loss or a bad grade in a college class. Who knows?

It’s been a good afternoon. We lazed about the house for ninety minutes before leaving for our golf lesson, which went very well, like always. Then we visited the supermarket to stock the fridge. On the way home, we stopped at a construction site to gather wood for our fire pit.

slender #3Do you like the photo to the left? I sure do. The guy is so . . . willowy and handsome, and I really like the expression on his face, and check out those abs. He looks like he’d be a bit of a handful in bed, which is exactly how I like a young man to be. I like a challenge. 😉

It’s extremely foggy on the island tonight, which isn’t unusual for February. It’s warm air running into the cold water in the Gulf that creates  the foggy conditions, especially on a barrier island like ours, where we are surrounded by water. But I kind of like it. The fog seems to quiet everything down.

We plan on spending a quiet evening at home. I’m cooking dinner, and we’ll either watch a Netflix rental, or we’ll build a fire in the fire pit with the wood we gathered today. It’s actually warm here, about 75 degrees, and there’s no wind blowing. It’s my kind of winter evening.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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