Beautiful blond guys; quiet morning on the island ….

blond beauty #4Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve always had a taste for young men with dark hair and eyes, like my beautiful boyfriend. His eyes are the color of black coffee, just beautiful. But I know many of you out there like your young men blond and blue-eyed, and that’s okay; I see the appeal when I look at the guys in this morning’s photo posts. I mean, check out the young man to the left. He’s so beautiful he almost looks unreal.

I rose around eight this morning, to take my three-mile walk on the beach. During January, our weather was so bad — cold, windy and rainy — that most days I couldn’t even consider walking on the shore. But now things have warmed up and the wind isn’t blowing. My walk this morning was quite pleasant. I wore shorts and a sweatshirt, and I didn’t need shoes to walk on the sand. I always enjoy my morning walks because they get me ready for the day ahead, especially for my writing session.

boy on a benchHave a look at the young man in this second picture. Pretty amazing, eh? I wonder who took the photo; it’s clearly a candid shot. The boy has an expression on his face like he’s thinking, “Why is that guy taking my photo?”

Well . . . .

Last night, my boyfriend lit a fire in our new fire pit. I brought out my Ovation Legend acoustic guitar. I played and sang songs for almost an hour; it was really nice out there. I love these kind of winter evenings when we can enjoy the outdoors.

My boyfriend works tonight, but I am hosting a couple for dinner, an old buddy and his girlfriend. We may do another fire tonight, and I’ll bring out my guitar. The woman who’s dating my friend has a beautiful singing voice ¬†and she plays guitar as well, so we’ll have ourselves a little music session. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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