A pair of amazing butts; Martin’s “under the weather” ….

butt #10Hi, friends and readers:

What’s more sexy than a young man with a firm, rounded behind, whether he’s naked or wearing a jock strap? Answer: nothing. Do you guys like the two photos I have posted here today. sure do. I wonder who took the top photo? It’s not a “selfie”, so someone other than the boy in the photo took the shot. Lucky guy ….

I woke this morning feeling lousy. Last night, I went to bed at 10:45, and I didn’t rise today until nine AM.  I felt weak and had no appetite. I spent all morning lying on the sofa or lying in bed, reading. I’ve been taking antibiotics for a sinus infection for ten day, huge pills. I finally finished them last night, and I think they have simply drained all my energy. I hate feeling like this. I couldn’t  even take my walk on the beach this morning ’cause I was so listless.

butt #13Here’s the second photo. I have seen this one before; I think it comes from a Russian porno video, but I have never seen the video. Whatever the case, I have to say the young man has the most amazing behind, the kind you’d most certainly caress and squeeze if he were walking about your home in his birthday suit.

To compound my weakness issues today, in about an hour I must join a group of friends who will attend a memorial service for the father of a long-time friend of mine, a guy I attended grade school with. These are always sobering events, but I wouldn’t miss the service for the world. The deceased was actually my middle school principal, and that was a while back in history.

My boyfriend has the day off, and he will attend an event in downtown St. Pete, a monthly street festival, with a friend from work. Sadly, the weather outside is crappy: chilly, damp and overcast. I’ll stay home and try to make myself feel better.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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