Greetings from Panama; it’s beautiful here ….

blue plaid shirtHi, friends and readers:

Greetings from Santa Catalina, a village on the Pacific coast of Panama, about five hours’ drive north of Panama City. We flew nonstop of Copa Airlines from Tampa. Then we rented a car and left the airport. To say finding your way around Panama City is maddening is an understatement. And the drivers are the craziest I have ever seen. It took us two hours to finally reach the Pan American Highway. After that, everything went smoothly.

Another thing: they don’t mark the roads down here; they expect you to know the names of the roads yourself. Why spend money on a sign? This caused us some problems; more than once we had to backpack. But we finally found the little road winding through the hillsides toward the shore. The sky had darkened by the time we reached Santa Catalina. At our little hotel, the proprietress informed us the room we had reserved was not available because the a/c was broken. But she gave us another room we like even better because it has a covered patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where a nice breeze always blows. Then we had a nice fresh seafood dinner and four Atlas beers for $22. Not bad, eh?

Okay, the Internet WiFi here is as slow as molasses. Slower than the dial-up service I had in the 1990’s, but that’s okay. I will try to once a day. It takes too long to download new photos off the Internet, so you’ll have to endure repeats while I am here. Sorry, guys; it’s the best I can do.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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