Sleeping together in Santa Catalina. What could be better?

sleeping togetherHi, friends and readers:

Well, it’s Wednesday night, and here we are in Santa Catalina, getting ready for bed after a full day. Things move slowly around here — it’s hot and humid — but the surroundings are so lovely and the people are welcoming.

We spent our morning having breakfast and preparing for tomorrow’s boating trip to Coiba. After lunch, we spent a couple of quiet hours in our air conditioned room. My boyfriend walked to a nearby beach to explore while I re-stringed my guitar. Then we hit the surfing beach for 2-1/2 hours of solid surfing. Again, conditions were beautiful and we came home exhausted and satisfied.

After a few beers, we hit town for a cocktail (Yeah, they have those here if you look for them.) and then we dined on seafood at a nice little cafe. We’re home now, about to hit the bed. I like snuggling with my boyfriend in our air conditioned room where it’s quiet as a tomb, except for an occasional dog’s bark.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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