Surfing’s great in Santa Catalina ….

surfer feeling buttHi, friends and readers:

Yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend and I rented two surfboards from a shop in Santa Catalina. There are no longboards available to rent in town, which seemed like a bit of a problem since the board I use at home is nine feet long. But I rented a 7’4″ board, my boyfriend a 7’2″ triple fin, for the week, and later that afternnon we visited the local sand break, Playa Estero, a very beautiful spot with coconut palms, a broad beach, thatched roof cottages, and mountains thrusting into the sky.

There were waves, plenty of them and perfectly shaped, about waist to chest high. It took me a good while to adjust to the shorter board, but near the end of my session I was catching most every wave, and getting to me feet on several, quite a feat for an old guy like me, learning from scratch on a new shortboard. My boyfriend did well on his board as well; even though it’s a foot shorter than his at home.

bend over #2My photo supply on my laptop is . . . limited, so not every pic I post here this week will be relevant to Panama, but I thought you guys would enjoy the one to the left. Nice butt, eh?

Last night, we drank beer on the veranda, where a nice breeze blew and the sun lowered itself into the ocean. Then we dined at a nice little restaurant just down the road. My roasted chicken tacos were tasty, and only seven dollars.

This morning, we ran errands in preparation for the days ahead. The best time to surf is mid-tide, and that’s not ’til around two PM, so it’s best to get practical things out of the way before lunchtime.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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