Boys in love; what a liberating sight to see ….

lover boysHi, friends and readers:

I love photos of two boys who are clearly in love, like the one to the left I have posted here this afternoon. You know, boys grow up being told they must fall in love with girls only; it’s the way things are, right? But guys like me know better. We know our lives will only be complete when we find another make to bond with, and not just as a friend. Sure friends are great; I’ve had many straight guy friends over the years, and still do. But friendship is not the same as romantic passion and hot, sweaty sex with a guy who makes your heart race. When you find such a guy, you’d better hold on tight; these guys are not easy to find.

sleeping together #2I never knew true happiness until I found my first long-term boyfriend. When he moved in with me — this was back in law school — everything changed. I felt fulfilled in a way I never had before. I moved through my days effortlessly, as though I’d been released from a cage. I loved the doing-things-together way of living. Simple chores like washing and drying the dishes became special events. That was a long time ago, but I still recall how it felt.

sleeping together #4Today has been a “recovery day” for me. I went to bed early, worn out by our day spend on the water in the hot Panamanian sun. I rose early to visit the bakery on town for croissants and fresh-baked muffins. I ate two on our covered veranda, along with juice and coffee. I watched the waves break on the coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean, just below us, and I felt like the luckiest man in the world. During mid-morning, after my boyfriend rose, we drove in Sena, the nearest sizable town to Santa Catalina, where we withdrew cash from an ATM to pay for the remainder of our stay in our hotel here, and for other expenses. The trip took 90 minutes each way, through winding roads. We passed few cars, just pedestrians and guys on horseback. When I say this place is rural and isolated, I am not kidding.

Right now my boyfriend is surfing at Playa Estero. I just woke from an afternoon siesta and now I am ready for a pleasant evening of beer-drinking and relaxation. I needed a day of rest form the sun and heat. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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