Cameron Dallas and Brent Rivera: a pair of narcissists ….

cameron dallasHi, friends and readers:

As mentioned earlier in the week, I’m vacationing in remote Panama, on the Pacific Coast, in a town of maybe 75 people, excluding the tourists. Trying to download any new photos on my computer would take forever; it’s hardly worth trying. So, I’m sharing old photos I have not posted in a while.

To the left I give you Cameron Dallas. Yes, he’s a lovely lad of nineteen who lives somewhere in central California, and he seems to spend far too much of his time posting photos of himself, never anyone else, on Instagram. Doesn’t he have anything else to do all day?

Oh, well, I hope you like his photo I have posted here today. Nice boardshorts, Cameron.

I know I didn’t post yesterday. That’s because we spent the entire morning kayaking from Santa Catalina to a nearby, uninhabited island where we roamed the shore and ate our lunch. I collected two brilliantly-colored seashells and the vertebrae from what I believe was a whale. No kidding; it’s pretty big. We took a siesta upon returning to our hotel. Then we went surfing for 90 minutes during late afternoon, a full day.

Okay here’s brent rivera #3Brent Rivera. Again, he’s certainly cute, but being cute doesn’t take much effort or skill, does it? What else can Brent do besides look good? Can he write a poem, play the trumpet, or hit a baseball? And why doesn’t he ever post photos of anyone other than himself? U-m-m-m-m, maybe ’cause he doesn’t have any interests outside of himself? I knew guys like Brent when I was in high school and college. Sure I appreciated their beauty, but I never wanted to befriend them. What’s the point? They only wanted to talk about themselves. Y-a-w-n ….

Okay, we spent this morning taking a three-hour horseback ride along a remote area of the Pacific Coast, just the two of us and our guide. This was one of the more beautiful experiences I’ve had in many a year, I’m serious. We hardly saw another soul. We’ve just risen from a siesta, and now we’ll do some shopping for souvenirs in town, as we are leaving first thing in the morning for Panama City.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Cameron Dallas and Brent Rivera: a pair of narcissists ….

  1. Wow! That’s really an old photo of cam, he looks really athletic now! I really love cameron! 😀 He is absolutely handsome, cute and funny hihi. He is really blessed with good looks! I could spent a night with him :p haha. but its like you say: he is really narcissistic! And he sees nothing other than himself. I can understand that when you get so much attention, you’re going to see yourself as a special person. Which is one of the tricky things! And that’s all ego!

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