A beautiful boy on a bicycle; Martin’s in Panama City tonight ….

bicycle boyHi, friends and readers:

To the left is one of my favorite pics I’ve posted of all time. It’s been years since I originally posted it, and I happened across it while checking a few websites I favor, now that I have high-speed Internet access. I suspect the photo was taken in western Europe, probably northern Italy or Spain, or maybe even Germany. See the cobblestone street? But the boy is simply beautiful, yet he’s so oblivious to just how handsome he is. Well, people will let him know, in just a year or two, won’t they?

“Oh, Pablo. What are you doing this evening? Want to come to my place for a beer and a game of gin rummy? And don’t bother wearing a shirt, okay”

We drove from Santa Catalina to Panama City today, about a six hour drive, most of it highway. The drive was fine until we reached the city, where traffic is insane and none of the roads are marked worth a damn. Don’t ever try to drive here; my poor boyfriend and I nearly drove each other crazy trying to find our hotel, but now we are here and things are fine. We have a nice room, and plenty of good dining is nearby, so we are good.

Have a nice Monday night, everyone.

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