A sexy pair of retro photos from the 1980’s, and a cute guy with braces; last night in Panama ….

LargerSummerHolidayMainDesiHi, friends and readers:

I have posted two photos, snapshots really, taken in the mid-1980’s, back when was considerably younger than I am now. I believe the guys in the top photo are four very close friends on holiday, I believe in Turkey. I think they are Brits. The boy standing on the railing is the person who many years later posted these photos on the Internet. His friends were Roger, Chris and Detley. I think all four guys are pretty hot. I wonder where they are today, nearly thirty years later. Are they still friends? I would love to know. I am still close with some guys who were my best friends in my early twenties. I think it’s important to remain in touch with your past, don’t you?

SummerintheCityPolariod3SHere’s the second photo this guy posted, this one just of himself and his new bicycle. Is that a skateboard in his left hand. It must be warm where he was at the time, since he’s wearing his t-shirt on his head. Aren’t we lucky for that? Aye-yi-yi, what a hottie. I only wish I knew what his name was. Where is he today? Does he still have that bicycle?

We spent our morning walking about five miles, form our hotel along the coastline of the city, to the historic section of town which is presently . . . under restoration. By eleven-thirty AM our feet hurt and we felt exhausted. We dined in a little restaurant patronized mostly by  construction workers, and the food was quite good. The place was on a corner and was nice and shady, with a breeze passing through. After we ate, we walked another 45 minutes before grabbing a taxi back to our hotel, a nice relief from the heat.

braces and beachOkay, here’s one last photo, this one taken in contemporary times, at which beach I don’t know, but the boy reminds me of a few guys I developed crushes on my senior year of high school.  Despite the braces on his teeth, his smile is a total knockout. I’m guessing his name is Evan; he lives in Deerfield Beach, FL, he surfs, and probably smokes a little weed with his buds on weekends. I’ll bet he takes AP classes at school, too.

So, after we returned to our hotel, we had some time to kill, so we put our king-sized bed to use — a little aerobic activity if you will — and then we grabbed a shower in our room’s spacious bathroom. I felt so relaxed afterward, and then we bought beer and wine at a little shop down the street. One the way home, I was propositioned by a pretty prostitute who told me I was “beautiful.” (Yeah, right …) But I told her “Lo siento, yo soy maricon.” That got her off my back real fast.

We’ll hang in the room for a while, and then we’ll visit a Peruvian place for dinner. Tomorrow we fly out, so we need to get to bed early. Have a nice Tuesday night, everyone.

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