Beauty in black and white; Martin’s back on the island and feeling fine ….

black and white beauty #5Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know how much I love black-and-white photographs, ate least when they are skillfully produced, like the two in this morning’s post. The boy to the left is just on the verge of manhood; he knows people — both men and women — find him attractive and he likes the attention, but he doesn’t quite know how to handle a situation when someone hits on him for sex. Well, he’ll figure it out pretty soon, I suspect.

I rose early this morning, despite the fact I didn’t go to bed until well past midnight last night. I took a three-mile walk on the beach and it felt s-o-o-o nice. The sun is shining, the air is still, and the temperature’s around seventy degrees. The Gulf was calm and the beach was flat and smooth, perfect conditions for walking. It feels great, being back here on our beautiful little island, after spending ten days in Panama’s heat. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Panama; the time flew by. But this is the time of year when I like being home. 

black and white beauty #4Okay, here’s the second photo. This guy, of course, is more mature, and a classic blond babe I might see on the lineup when I surf in Brevard County. You know the type: suntanned, sea-green eyes, shoulder muscles like shot-puts, carved chest, bubble butt. He has it all I guess, but . . . is he happy? That’s the age-old question when it comes to beautiful people. Are they getting their kicks walking about and soaking up admiration from their admirers? Or are they secretly wondering if anyone truly likes them for who they are? After all, physical beauty is normally short-lived.

What happens to a hottie when his looks fade? I can tell you that in many cases, these guys become bitter, middle-aged men who dwell in the past, believing their best years are behind them, and it’s really pretty sad. But that’s the way life often works. Beauty comes with a price, friends.

We have a busy day ahead of us. After spending ten days on the road, we have a stack of dirty laundry, an unkempt yard, an empty fridge and booze cabinet, and a gazillion phone calls to return. We have house guests form northern California coming in tomorrow morning, and we need to get our house in order as well. So, I will end this post and get to work,

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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