Is jail a sexy place? U-m-m-m, no ….

jailbirdsHi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the photo to the left. It’s undoubtedly a still from a gay porno video, one where sexy inmates engage in hot sex with each other, and with the sexy guards.

Now, we’ve all heard the stories about guys in jail/prison having sexually relationships with their cell mates and I’m sure it happens, but honesty, I don’t think many guys in jails or prisons look like the men in the photo I have posted here this morning. Most inmates are unattractive, foul-mouthed, insensitive, and ignorant. Nice guys don’t go to the slammer, friends. It’s a place to be avoided.

Jailbirds final cover smallerI wrote about prison life in my novel Jailbirds. My main character, Kurt DeLay, gets stuck with Harold Grimm for a cell mate, and Grimm uses Kurt like a pet dog, for the two years they share their cell:

“In time, Kurt adjusted to his nightly sessions with Grimm, especially after Grimm decided Vaseline worked better than spit. Kurt liked Grimm’s muscled body, his wavy hair, and baritone drawl. But when it came to sex, Grimm had drawbacks. He did nothing to pleasure Kurt, never touched Kurt’s genitals. The two didn’t kiss or hold each other, before or after sex. If Kurt needed release, he had to satisfy himself. Grimm’s lack of affection bothered Kurt, but he dared not complain. Grimm had a temper like a mistreated pit bull; he’d slap Kurt’s face anytime Kurt said or did something Grimm didn’t care for.”

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

BY the way, Jailbords has sold quite well since it published in late 2013. If you want to check out the book, click on the cover in the sidebar to the right.

We’re hosting my boyfriend’s brother and his brother’s fiance for the weekend. They’re visiting us from San Francisco. We stayed wiht them out there, back in September 2013, and they’re lots of fun. So, I will close this post and get things ready for their arrival while my boyfriend drives to the airport to pick them up. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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