Guys with sexy lips; beautiful afternoon on the island ….

lips #6Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys have the most amazing lips, the kind that cry out to be kissed, over and over. I mean, look at the young man to the left. I could spend hours appreciating their softness and beauty. I wonder is he has a boyfriend?

It’s been a good day so far. I walked three miles on the beach around eight AM. My boyfriend’s brother and his brother’s fiance spent the morning with me at home while my boyfriend attended a meeting. I worked on a writing project; they sat on the rear screened porch and did some leisure reading. Then, after lunch, we took sandwiches to a waterfront county park, where we enjoyed a nice lunch in the shade of an oak tree while people caught fish from the seawall. The sun came out around two PM and it’s beautiful here this afternoon. My boyfriend’s home now, and tonight I’ll grill cheeseburgers over charcoal.

lips #7Check out the lips on the guy in this lower photo. Aye-yi-yi, they are so puffy and luscious.

I want to thank everyone who visited my website while I was visiting the remote regions of Panama. I know my posts were sketchy at times, not my usual scintillating material, but the WiFi was slow and my time for posting was scarce.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with our evening, after dinner tonight. But it’s hard to get bored when you have house guests like ours. Have a nice Saturday night, everyone, wherever you are.

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