Guys losing their briefs; another beautiful day on the island ….

briefs coming offHi, friends and readers:

My freshman year of college, I was forced to take a P.E. class for both semesters. I found the classes themselves a complete waste of time, but not the locker room scene at the end of each class. Aye-yi-yi, all these hot boys would peel off their clothing before hitting the gang showers while poor Martin found it hard to keep his wits about him. There’s something terribly sexy about watching a guy lower his briefs in front of other guys; I’m not sure why. I wonder if college freshman still have to shower after P.E.?

I slept in late today because I had a restless night last night. I ended up getting out of bed around two AM and didn’t get back to sleep until around four AM, ever a good thing. So, I skipped my usual walk on the beach. Instead, I made a quick breakfast before diving into my writing project. I spent two full hours slugging away at the keyboard, and now I’m ready to relax for a while.

briefs going downIt’s certainly a beautiful day, here on our little island. The sun is shining, the temperature’s around 75 degrees, and the air is still. This is exactly my idea of perfect February weather. I have yard work I need to perform this afternoon, and I couldn’t ask for better conditions. My boyfriend has the day off form work today, and maybe we’ll find something fun to do, once the yard work is finished. Maybe go for a bike ride or visit the driving range. Who knows, but whatever we do, it’ll happen outdoors.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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