Beautiful males in black and white; rainy night on the island ….

black and white beauty #7Hi, friends and readers:

Tonight I’m sharing with all of you two rather amazing black-and-white photos I came across recently.

Take a careful look at the photo to the left. If you weren’t alive in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s then you wouldn’t know this photo comes from that period, but it clearly does. That’s a rock concert, probably taking place in northern California. Guys wore their hair shaggy and not styled in the least. They wore beads and blue jean shirts or jackets. I find this young man extraordinarily beautiful. Look at those eyes and the bone structure of his face. If he’s still alive today he’d be about my age. I wonder what his name was?

I remember falling in love with a fraternity brother who looked just like this young man in the photo, back in 1971. Ed, where are you now? During that period, drugs, rock music, and free love dominated our youth culture, but I never bagged Ed, unfortunately. Still, I attended many a concert like the one he’s at in the photo. See the balloon in the background? Balloons were always a fixture at late 60’s early 70’s concerts. I can almost smell the incense and burning weed. Ah-h-h, the gold old days.

lachowski #7Here’s the second photo. This, of course, is Brazilian fashion model Francisco Lachowski, one of the world’s most beautiful men. I have a collection of Lachowski photos, but until yesterday I had never seen this one. I think it captures Lachowski’s beauty perfectly. I wonder if he’s a nice guy? Does anyone know?

My boyfriend is working tonight, so I’m on my own. After I left the YMCA, I hit the driving range to hit a bucket of balls, my first time with a club in my hand in maybe a month. I did pretty well, but then a rainstorm chased me off the range. 🙁 It’s okay, I picked up fresh shrimp at the seafood market for my dinner, and a nice bottle of Sauvignon blanc to go with my meal.

A friend’s coming over to share a bottle of Bordeaux with me before I start cooking, so everything’s good. Have a nice evening, friends, wherever you might be.

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