Hot guys going at it without restraint; rainy night on the island ….

porkingHi, friends and readers:

Everyone seemed to enjoy last night’s video clips, so I thought I’d put up another this evening that I think you’ll enjoy. Those two guys are definitely not holding back, are they? It looks like they’re having sex in someone’s office; see the file cabinet in the background? Well, that’s one way to pass the time at work, I guess.

queer as folkI’m also posting this still photo from an episode of Queer as Folk, the early 2000’s cable TV series featuring a very hot couple, Justin and Brian. The show was always displaying steamy scenes between these two, and I made sure I never missed an episode. Justin was cute, plus he had an amazing butt. I remember the first season of the show, when Brian picks up Justin on a street corner in Pittsburgh. They visit Brian’s apartment, where Justin has his first experience with anal intercourse. It’s a very intense and realistic scene. Ah-h-h, the good old days of cable TV.

We’re home from the YMCA and a visit to a friend’s home where we drank a couple of beers and snacked on some very nice European cheeses on our friend’s back porch. Rain was falling, and the porch had an intimate feel I liked. In a little while, I’ll get busy on cooking dinner: fresh shrimp over pasta, with a tomato,green pepper, onion, and basil sauce. Yummy!

I’m staying home tonight. It’s rainy and damp outside, but my boyfriend may or may not attend a party in Tampa. We’ll see. Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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