Hot boys at the beach; party at Martin’s house today….

beach boy #9Hi, friends and readers:

I’m back from a magnificent three-mile walk on the beach. The sun is shining, a nice breeze is blowing, and the temperature’s around 78 degrees F. In other words, it’s perfect beach weather, and that’s a good thing because in about an hour forty people will descend upon our house for a day-long, Cinco de Mayo party. Okay, technically today is the fourth of May, but who’s counting? I spent four hours last night, grilling and cutting up beef and chicken for fajitas and tacos. Okay, I was drinking wine, so it wasn’t too bad. But I ended up sleeping until ten this morning,so I got a late start.

It’s going to be a nice day, here on the island, perfect for beachcombing and sunning. The breeze will keep things cool, and the Gulf temperature’s just right for bathing. I think this party’s going to be fun ….

beach boy #8Okay, guests started arriving right around noon, so I had to suspend posting for a good long while, so I could greet and meet. Now everyone’s at the beach and I have a few minutes to myself.

Do you like the photo tot he left as much as I do? I wonder is he’s down at the beach right now? The difference between our beach and his involves the sand. Ours is white as sugar, and soft underfoot. We also have dune covered with sea oats; it’s very picturesque.

Right now I’m sipping from a cold Dos Equis, and I’m getting a nice buzz. In a few hours, we’ll get the burritos and tacos going, so I have much to do.

Traffic on this site has been especially heavy this weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read the posts and enjoy the photos. Have a nice Sunday, friends.

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