Guys fast asleep; Martin’s suffering from party aftermath ….

asleep #5Hi, friends and readers:

There is something terribly sexy about coming across a young man who is fast asleep, whether he’s in a public place or a private one. And especially if he’s not wearing much. Guys asleep look so vulnerable, don’t they? I guess it’s because they don’t have their usual masculine defenses on duty. Plus, you wonder what they’re dreaming about while they are slumbering. The top photo I’ve posted here is a professional shot, but very nice just the same. Who would dare wake that young man?

asleep #2I’m afraid yesterday’s party got the best of me. Look, most people in attendance were in the 20-25 year-old range, while I … Well, I’m not. But I had a great time with our guests. The food turned out great — all of it was eaten — and I think we have two cases of Corona beer left over, courtesy of our guests. I think I might have committed a few indiscretions during the evening, but that’ what parties are for, right?

It’s almost noon right now, and I’m moving pretty slowly. My lovely boyfriend’s busy cleaning things up, and I suppose I should get my butt moving as well. But first I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee on the sofa. Have a nice Monday, friends.


One thought on “Guys fast asleep; Martin’s suffering from party aftermath ….

  1. Well… I’m more of a tea “guy” 🙂
    I like the second sleepboy, it’s what you say, and waking him up, destroys the moment is my guess. “Dream a little dream” by……

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