Hanging out naked; Martin’s in Philadelphia ….

naked on sofaHi, friends and readers:

You know how it goes …. You wake up alone on a Saturday morning. You look out the windows and it’s rainy or the sky is overcast, and you know it won’t be very pleasant to pursue any outdoor activities. So, instead you don’t even bother getting dressed. You just hang out around the house in your birthday suit. Maybe you’ll soak in the tub a while, or just lie on the sofa and daydream. Look, it’s not such a bad thing, really. It’s better than going to work.

naked in tubWe arrived at the Philadelphia airport yesterday around three PM. After we picked up our rental car, I drove us out to the suburbs where our friends live. On the way, we had to stop at three separate places to buy booze: a state-run wine and liquor store, a beer purveyor’s store, and then a supermarket for tonic water. They have all these weird “blue laws” in Pennsylvania that prescribe when and where you can buy alcohol; I don’t know why. But we got what we needed and then we found our friends’ house.

This is a beautiful home situated on wooded acreage with a pond and a stream, and even a meadow. The azaleas are blooming like crazy, and all sorts of birds live on the property. We had a nice, outdoor dinner last night, and then visited a microbrewery for a couple of tasty brews. I love this part of Pennsylvania; it’s such a vibrant part of America, with so much to see and do. And the weather’s nice and cool, a pleasant break from Florida’s heat.

butt #2This afternoon, one of our hosts will drive us through Delaware to visit Rehobeth Beach for an overnight stay at his condo. We have not been there before, so it’s an adventure. Okay, the sky is overcast, so it’s not really beach weather, but that’s okay. We’ll take a walk on the boardwalk, dine on tasty food, and then we’ll hit the bars tonight for a bit of drinking and dancing.

Right now I’m seated in our hosts’ office, overlooking the pond. I’m ready for a fun day, and I hope yours will be equally enjoyable, wherever you are right now.

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