Hot guys in their Speedos; rainy day in Philadelphia ….

Pool Boy #4Hi, friends and readers:

I’m on the road. I only have my laptop with me so I don’t have my usual trove of photos to share with all of you. But the two I am posting here this afternoon are among my favorites, especially the one to the left. He’s a beautiful guy, isn’t he?

I slept in this morning, since I was up late last night. We drove to Delaware to buy liquor and wine for our hosts’ party tomorrow night. Then we came back home to party into the wee hours. I’m afraid I wasn’t too perky when I rose this morning, but after three cups of coffee I got my butt in gear. I made hamburgers for seventy people, for tomorrow’s festivities, and now I’m relaxing in my hosts’ office. Outside, it’s raining like hell; it has been since early this morning, but the dampness doesn’t bother me. The house is full of gay men, all with a good sense of humor, so we’re always laughing.

speedo black and redSince it’s raining so hard outside, we are restricted to indoor activities today and I’m not sure how we’ll spend the rest of our afternoon. If I’m smart I’ll stay away from the beer and wine until at least five PM. I want to enjoy my friends’ company while we are here.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I drove into Philadelphia’s Center City. We parked the car and set out on foot. We visited the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Society Hill, and the gay bookstore. We dined on Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches at Pat’s in South Philly, and then we drank a few beers at an open-air gay bar with a nice atmosphere. What a great way to spend the afternoon.

Last night, our hosts prepared a fine dinner for all of us, complimented with plenty of wine and beer, and cocktails as well. I know the booze will flow again tonight. That’s the way it is with gay house parties, you see.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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