Beautiful, shirtless guys; pretty day in Philadelphia ….

shirtless #6Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys should never wear a shirt, not when they have bodies like the two guys in today’s photo posts. Aye-yi-yi, I don’t know which I like better, but then I don’t have to choose, do I?

Last night’s party lasted into the wee hours, and that was just a warm-up for tonight’s bash. I’m afraid I didn’t retire until around two AM. By then I was buzzed, and I fell right asleep.

I didn’t rise until around eleven this morning, and I feel rested and ready for the day’s activities. After I finish this post, I’ll pitch in on the preparation work for tonight’s gala. It’s a beautiful day, here in Philadelphia. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the temperature’s around 70 degrees F, perfect conditions for an outdoor gathering.

shirtless #7I’m seated in my hosts’ office, a wood-paneled room with many windows, some overlooking a pond with blooming azaleas on the banks of the pond. The azaleas are gorgeous: ruby red, pink, and white. The sunshine only enhances their colors. All the trees are leafing and there’s a gardenia bush just beyond the windows that is so fragrant I can smell the blossoms in here.

Alright, folks, my boyfriend will start griping at me if I don’t get busy and help my hosts get things ready, so I will close this post. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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