A pair of beautiful, naked men; easy night on the island ….

naked and pretty #4Hi, friends and readers:

Has it been a long Monday for some of you? Are you tired from work or school, and ready to relax? Well, I understand, so I thought I’d share these lovely photos of two very beautiful, naked men. See, you’re feeling better already aren’t you?

I wonder if the same photographer took both pictures because they have a lot of similarities: the lightning, the models’ nudity and the way they’re posed so you don’t really see all their faces. Anyway, I like both photos very much. I hope you do as well.

We had a great session at the YMCA, working out and swimming laps, followed by a nice hot shower. I left feeling refreshed and ready for a pleasant evening, here on the island.

naked and pretty #3On our way home from town we visited our island’s booze market, and then the supermarket to restock our fridge and wine supply. ¬†We bought fresh fish for our dinner, along with stuff for a fruit salad. Doesn’t that sound good?

We’re keeping our options ope for the evening ahead, but I’m thinking we’ll end up going for a swim at our timeshare’s swimming pool. It’s just down the street, and sometimes the sights there can be quite interesting. You never know who you might encounter when you visit.

Okay, everyone: relax and enjoy your Monday evening. I’ll post again in the morning.

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