Cute little video clip: Dylan O’Brien and his bud getting feely ….

dylan o'brienHi, friends and readers:

I don’t watch TV, so I have never seen the show called¬†Teen Wolf.¬†But I think Dylan O’Brien’s one of the cutest guys on the planet. He seems to enjoy a very close friendship with his co-star. (Um-m-m, I don’t know the co-star’s name, sorry.) That’s the two of them getting all touch-feely in this morning’s video post.

I rose at seven AM today, so I could take my usual three-mile walk on the beach before the tile guys arrived next door. Conditions at the shore were beautiful: sunny and cool, with a light breeze. When I returned home, I made a quick breakfast, and then I got busy working on my new novel. Now I’m done writing for the day. I have a dental appointment later this morning (Oh boy ….) and then the rest of the day is mine. I may take a nice bike ride after I return from the city.

Have a nice Tuesday, friends, wherever you might be right now.

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