Guys wearing a-shirts; easy day ahead for Martin ….

a-shirt #2Hi, friends and readers:

I’m a huge fan of a-shirts on the right kind of guy. The shirts display a young man’s shoulders and biceps, and they offer a glimpse of his armpits too. Even skinny boys look good in a-shirts, like the young man to the left. Do you like his photo as much as I do? I like the way the photographer incorporated the chain link fence into the picture. The fence sort of diffuses the boy’s appearance, lending him an air of mystery.

I slept in late this morning. After rising quite early the past three days, I needed some extra sleep. So I skipped my morning beach walk and snoozed instead.

Outside, the weather’s quite toasty, close to ninety degrees F, and not a good day to be exercising outdoors. I think I’ll visit the YMCA this afternoon, where I can use the elliptical trainer in air conditioned comfort.

a-shirt #3After I leave the YMCA, I’ll head for the golf course, where I have a golf lesson scheduled with my guru, Jeff. When it comes to sports, I am always a slow learner. I don’t have a lot of natural athletic ability. But Jeff is very patient. He always knows what I’m doing wrong.

Last night I prepared enough homemade potato salad to feed fifteen people. It’s my neighbor’s birthday tonight, and all our good friends will gather for a party. Everyone will bring food and drink, and we’ll watch sunset at the shore around eight PM. I really like my neighbors; they’re like a second family for me, so I’m looking forward to a pleasant evening.

My boyfriend’s working today, but he gets home early tonight so he can join in the party. It’ll be nice having him home, and maybe we can enjoy some private time, later in the evening. 😉 Have a nice Thursday, friends.

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