Sexy video clip: lover boys going at it. Quiet Friday night for Martin ….

getting porkedHi, friends and readers:

It’s Friday night, and for many folks that means a trip to the movie theater to watch the latest releases. Me, I never go to movie theaters. They’re overpriced, I’m talking about both the admission and the refreshments, and the patrons are noisy and rude. (“Will you please put that cell phone away? Do you have to narrate the film for those of us who have not seen it? Will you please make your kids behave?”)

Anyway, I thought I’d post a video clip tonight, in case you’re not headed for the theater. I daresay these two guys are enjoying themselves, although the guy on the bottom looks a bit overwhelmed by the size of his partner’s … member. Relax and take it, brother ….

Is the guy on top wearing a leather mask? Kinky ….

I’m home alone, about to start cooking dinner. I had planned to play nine holes of golf at a private course near here, but they won’t let non-members play there until June first. G-r-r. So I came home instead. I’ve done a bit of editing on my new novel, and I doubt I’ll stay up late after rising so early this morning.

Have a nice Friday night, friends.


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