Beautiful Robbie Wadge; drudgery in store for Martin today ….

robbie wadge #2Hi, friends and readers:

When it comes to male beauty, it’s hard to  beat British fashion model Robbie Wadge, whose photos I have posted here this morning. Does anyone know if Robbie has a boyfriend? Is he taking applications?

I slept in late today, and it was just as well, since right now our high tide on the island is right around eight AM, meaning there’s really no comfortable surface to walk on, especially if you’re barefooted, as I always am. Also, this is Memorial Day weekend, so our beach will be a mob scene. Who needs crowds?

If you follow this site, then you know I have a rental apartment next to our house. Normally, it’s only rented during the tourist season, December through April, and then it sits empty fr the rest of the year. Now is the time I like to get projects done next door, and today that means painting the kitchen and bathroom over there, now that the new tile floors are installed.

robbie wadge #3Normally, I don’t mind painting, but today the temperature will climb into the nineties for the first time this year, and the humidity is up as well. It’s not pleasant weather for any sort of physical activity. Also, I’m a tad hungover this morning, which means I’m not in the best of spirits. Still, the work needs to be done, so I’ll put on my painting clothes in just a few minutes, and then I’ll get busy.

Like I said, it’s a holiday weekend, and here on the island all the hotels and restaurants will be jam-packed with folks from the city. Traffic will be crazy, and I’ll just sort of hunker down until everybody leaves on Monday afternoon.

My boyfriend’s working today, but he gets off early today, so maybe we’ll have time for a swim in our timeshare’s pool after we have dinner. Have a nice Saturday, friends, wherever you are. And if you bump into Robbie Wadge, give him a kiss for me, will you?

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