More Robbie Wadge photos; my island is a mob scene ….

robbie wadge #4Hi, friends and readers:

No, I’m not obsessed with British fashion model Robbie Wadge, who you see to the left. Okay . . . maybe I am little obsessed, but can you blame me? He’s such a beautiful guy, and since everyone seemed to enjoy this morning’s photo posts of Robbie I thought I’d share two more with all of you tonight. Really, I could stare into Robbie’s eyes for hours. When you look into them, it’s like they are swallowing you whole. Again, I wonder if Robbie has a boyfriend? He certainly deserves one, a nice middle-aged man like me would be perfect. 😉

robbie wadge #5The photo to the left here is an early Robbie Wadge pic. See how different he looks in the top photo? He’s put on some muscle in recent years, but check out his smile in the lower photo. Aye-yi-yi ….

I got energetic this afternoon. I tackled the painting project next door, which wasn’t fun, but after four hours I had completed about 75% of the work. Things are looking good over there, and I’ll probably finish up tomorrow.

After I’d finished painting, I grabbed a shower, and then I drove to our island’s supermarket to stock our fridge and cabinets for the weekend. Our island is crammed full of Memorial Day beachgoers; I doubt there’s a single hotel room available by now. I couldn’t wait to get off the road and relax in our quiet home.

My boyfriend’s due home soon, and I’m grilling a pork steak over charcoal tonight, so I need to get busy. Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

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