A Joseph Gordon-Levitt video clip; neighborhood gathering in store tonight ….

joseph gordon-levittHi, friends and readers:

In this morning’s post, I talked about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s film, Mysterious Skin. This afternoon, someone sent me the video clip I’m posting here, which comes from Mysterious Skin. As mentioned this morning, Joseph portrays a small town gay hustler. This video clip comes from a scene shot at a ball park, where Joseph is announcing the game from the press box. He’s also drinking alcohol and is quite drunk. I know he looks kind of rough-around-the-edges in this clip, but that’s the sort of character he was supposed to be.

Our neighborhood is throwing a Memorial Day potluck supper on the beach this evening, and we’re attending. My boyfriend’s due home from work any minute now, and once he gets changed we’ll go.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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