Beautiful Joseph Gordon-Levitt; steamy Sunday on the island ….

joseph-gordonHi, friends and readers:

Film actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become a household name these days. I understand he’s slated to become Robin in the next Batman movie. But ten years ago, Joseph took on edgier roles, including the lead in Mysterious Skin where Joseph portrays a gay hustler who was the victim of childhood sexual abuse. I can’t say I liked everything about Mysterious Skin but Joseph did a wonderful job in his role as a confused young man trying to come to terms with his past. The film clip you see above comes from Mysterious Skin. Joseph has just been picked up by his first “john”, and they’re driving to the john’s hotel. The scene in the hotel is pretty hot. You can read more about Mysterious Skin here:

Joseph Gordon-LevittHere’s a nice photo of Joseph taken several years after Mysterious Skin was filmed. I really like the expression on his face; it makes you wonder what he’s thinking, doesn’t it?

I slept in late this morning. In fact, my boyfriend left for work before I got out of bed. (I’m such a slug sometimes.) Now I’m savoring a cup of coffee before tackling the rest of my painting project next door. I grabbed the newspaper off the front steps a little while ago, and already the day had turned steamy. This is my least favorite time of year to live in Florida, but at least we have air conditioning to make things bearable.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Joseph Gordon-Levitt; steamy Sunday on the island ….

  1. Your blog site is nice. Enjoy reading your small posts about activities on the barrier island where you live. Ever been up to Fire Island?

    If so, what was your impression?

    If things go, well this summer will be my first trip there.

    • Hi, John:

      I have never been been to Fire Island, but I understand it’s quite beautiful. Unfortunately, the Atlantic’s far too cold up there for swimming. 🙁 I’m glad you enjoy my website. Thanks so much for writing.


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