Another pair of flag boys; quiet night ahead on the island ….

flag boy #3Hi, friends and readers:

In honor of Memorial Day I am posting two more “flag boy” photos for your enjoyment this evening. I just returned home from my YMCA workout session. I also did a bit of shopping on the way home, since I needed a few clothing items and the store I visited had some real bargains. We encountered a lot of traffic leaving our island, and now things are quieting down. I think the entire city came out here today.:-(

It’s very warm here today. We have entered our summer weather pattern where the temperature and humidity climb into the 90’s every day, unless we’re having a rainy day, which is seldom. (They don’t call Florida “The Sunshine State” for nothing, you know.) It’s time for me to change to a summertime schedule now, which means I’ll get up each morning around seven AM, so I can walk on the beach and take a swim before the temperature gets too hot.

flag boy #4Okay, the guy to the left us waving a flag, he’s wearing it. But that’s patriotic, right? And he’s mighty cute too. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing  he’s … Mark from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He likes beer, rodeo, smoking weed, and listening to country music. He’d like to find himself a nice boyfriend, but he doesn’t really know how to go about it.

Okay, everyone,  have much to do in the hours ahead, so I’ll close this post by wishing everyone a wonderful holiday. Back to work tomorrow. 🙁


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