Do I like facial hair? Sure, why not?

beard #2Hi, friends and readers:

Someone wrote me yesterday, to ask a question. He said, “How come you never post photos of guys with facial hair? Do you dislike facial hair? Would you ever date a guy with a beard?”

U-m-m-m, I certainly do like facial hair on the right kind of guy. By that I mean a young man who can actually grow a decent beard or mustache, not some scraggly patch of hair hanging off his chin. Me, I can’t grow a beard worth a damn. My beard is very coarse and thick, but it grows in patches, and my mustache is too darned wispy, so I shave every morning. Otherwise, I look like I should appear in a police lineup. But my boyfriend has “full coverage” in the facial hair department, and I like it when he grows a few days’ worth on stubble on his face.

Now, I think the guys in tonight’s photo posts look really good and very sexy. I’d date either one of them if I was in the market for a boyfriend. I especially like the guy in the top photo. What a babe ….

beardWell, I dropped my boyfriend off at the Tampa airport early this afternoon. Afterward, I got my hair cut and did a little grocery shopping. Then I came home and worked on the rental apartment next door, cleaning up after the tile installation and my painting project. It looks really good over there now.

Outside, it’s dreadfully humid and hot, so I’m holed up in the air conditioning tonight. I’ll have a few beers before dinner, and then I’ll dine on leftovers form last night’s meal. I have a Netflix rental I want to watch, called Europa Europa. I saw it years ago and really enjoyed it, so I decided to rent it again. The story takes place in Nazi Germany during World War II, and it’s a very touching tale of one young man’s struggle to survive the Holocaust.

Okay, everyone, have a wonderful Tuesday evening.

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