Sexy video clips: a muscle boy flexes and then drops his boxers ….

muscles #1Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not a huge fan od beefcake, but you have to admit the guy in the video clips I’ve posted here tonight is pretty damned sexy. Imagine having him strolling around your house in his boxers? I’m afraid I couldn’t resist dragging him into the bedroom at the earliest opportunity. I wonder who shot the video, and who the model is? Is this an amateur job, or is this guy a porn star? Does anyone know?

I’ve had a decent Wednesday, but I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I walked around all day feeling kind of tired. My workout at the YMCA was all right, but the pool was so crowded today I could even get a lap lane. 🙁

did have a decent session at the driving range after I left the YMCA. The heat and humidity we experienced last weekend have dissipated, at least temporarily, so I barely broke a sweat while I hit balls.

muscles #2I spoke on the phone with my boyfriend when I got home. He’s enjoying Minnesota’s cool weather while he visits his family up there. We had a nice chat. Of course I miss his presence here at home, but I’m glad he got the chance to go up there for several days.

I’m sipping form a cold beer as I write these words. In just a little bit, I’ll get dinner going, and then I’m going to watch the rest of my Netflix rental, Europa Europa. It’s a beautifully-made film, with good acting, good cinematography, and a great story line.

No, I’m sorry, the website where I found these video clips did not include a clip shot after the guy loses his boxers, so we’ll just have to imagine what his equipment is like. Why must life be so cruel? It’s just not fair, is it?

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends, wherever you are.

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