Sexy guys in boardshorts; busy day for Martin ….

boardshorts #2Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this website then you know I live in a beach community, a small island that is popular with the college crowd. At this time of year, on the weekends, our shoreline is crowded with guys wearing boardshorts and nothing else. I try to get down the beach at least once every weekend, to check out the sights, and I’ll often see guys who look like the two in today’s photo posts.

Check out the guy to the left. I find that “happy trail” descending from his navel especially sexy. It’s almost like an invitation, isn’t it? And I like the way the boardshorts ride so low on his hips. He’s not afraid to flaunt his stuff, is he?

Well, I rose super early this morning because I went to bed so early last night. I was tired last night, and I hit the sack shortly after cleaning up the dinner dishes. The sun was rising when I hit the beach for a three-mile walk, a very pretty sight indeed. I took a dip in the Gulf at the conclusion of my walk; it felt great.

boardshorts #4Back at the house, I showered outdoors, and then I shaved, After a quick breakfast, I got busy on my new novel, which has now reached 50,000 words and is nowhere near completion. It’s going to be a big book.

U-m-m-m, check out this guy to the left. No “happy trail”, but what a great body. How come don’t look that good? It’s not fair ….

I’m spending a lot of time on the phone today with my car insurance agent and with my health insurer, for reasons too boring to explain. I have a plumber coming out to install a new toilet in my rental apartment next door, and I have a slew of correspondence to tend to. Tonight I’m having dinner at a restaurant with a close friend. He recently split up with his girlfriend, and my boyfriend’s out of town, so we’re both doing the bachelor thing at the moment. I guess you’d call this a “man date.”

Okay, everyone, I must run. Thanks for stopping by the site today, and have a great Thursday, wherever you might be.

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