Hot guys in sunglasses; more painting in store for Martin ….

sunglasses #9Hi, friends and readers:

Here on Florida’s Gulf Coast we don’t venture outdoors during daylight hours without wearing sunglasses. The sun’s very intense; it can damage your eyes after years of exposure. I own a nice pair of classic Ray-Bans similar to the ones the guy to the left is wearing, but I don’t think I look quite as good in mine as he does in his. Aye-yi-yi, look at those teeth. I’ll bet he doesn’t have any problem getting dates. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing . . . he’s Brent from Sarasota, FL. He attends the Ringling School of Art. He has a girlfriend named Tracey, but he also screws around with his dorm mate Mark when the two of them drink a few too many beers. Lucky Mark ….

Well, I slept in late this morning, after staying up way too late last night. Thus, I missed my early morning walk on the beach, which kind of sucks, but there you go.

sunglasses #8Check out this guy to the left. I posted this photo a few years ago, but the one I posted was a black-and-white. Until yesterday, I’d never seen the color photo and I really like it. He has nice hair and an amazing body.How come I don’t look like that?

Right after I finish this post and skim the newspaper with a cup of coffee in hand, I’ll get to work on my painting project, which is coming along nicely. I’m staining the ceiling trusses in my living room. They were installed about four months ago and I’ve been putting off this job ever since. Now that the weather’s turned so hot, I don’t mind staying indoors and doing this work. It mostly involves standing on a ladder, which is a pain, but I turn on the sound system and the time just slides by. Yesterday I completed half the job, so I should finish today, and then our living room will look terrific.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening. My boyfriend’s out of town and I’m at loose ends. Who knows, maybe Brent with the Ray-Bans will stop by. (Right.) Have a great Saturday, friends.

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