Hot guys tossing footballs; our house is a construction zone ….

football #2Hi, friends and readers

I’m no jock, but one activity I enjoy immensely is tossing a football back and forth with my boyfriend. We often take our football with us when we travel; it’s like free entertainment when we’re on the road. Now, when we toss a ball, I sure don’t look as good as the guys in today’s photo posts, but my boyfriend does. Lucky me …

It’s blazing hot outside this morning, and as I sit here at the keyboard a roofing crew is tearing the old roof off our house, to make way for a new one. The new roof will be metal, which will look much better than the old, asphalt shingle roof. The framing crew is also here, working on our new covered deck, so the whole property is a busy jobsite today.

football #4I slept in an hour too long this morning, meaning I didn’t get to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. If I don’t get out there by 7:30 AM, it’s just too hot for walking.

Oh, yeah, I should tell you guys that tomorrow morning I’m leaving town with a good friend to spend ten days in British Columbia. My friend’s relatives own a vacation home in a town on the Pacific coast, about 100 miles north of Vancouver. We plan to hike, kayak, fish and otherwise enjoy the beauty of western Canada. I’m really looking forward to getting away from Florida’s heat, but I will be missing my lovely boyfriend, who has to stay in Florida and work. 🙁 It’s okay, he can probably stand a little time away from me anyway.

This afternoon, we’ll watch the U.S. versus Belgium in the World Cup competition. Then we’re hosting friends for dinner tonight. My flight leaves super early tomorrow morning, so we’ll call it an early night and hit the hay.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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