Martin’s off to British Columbia. Can you survive ten days without me?

airplaneHi, friends and readers:

I do try to post on this website every day, once or twice, and I know you guys enjoy the posts. I appreciate your dedication. But sometimes I must leave my little island, and tomorrow is one of those times. About six AM tomottow, I’ll fly to Vancouver, Canada, where have never visited before. I hear it’s a wonderful city, but my ultimate destination is the community of Powell River, where I will spend a week enjoying western Canada’s natural beauty.

lover boys #21Sadly, I won’t have Internet access. and cell phone service will be sketchy, so you won’t hear from me until July 12th. I know that’s a long hiatus, but I know you guys will find other things to occupy your time while I am gone.

Trust me, I am spending my time in Canada in quite safe places. No grizzlies or killer caribou. I am looking forward to dining on Pacific Northwest seafood, and I’m looking forward to escaping Florida’s heat and humidity. Cool weather energizes me, physically and mentally.

Our dinner guests will arrive here soon. My boyfriend’s playing in a softball game right now, but he’ll be home for dinner. Yes, I will miss him in the days ahead, but he’ll be fine. Look, I believe it’s good to get away from each other once in a while. And when I return, we’ll take a driving trip to Wisconsin together, another treat for Martin. 🙂

All right everyone. Have a nice Tuesday night. As mentioned, you won’t hear from me for ten days or so, but I’ll be thinking of you. I really will.

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