Waking up next to your boyfriend. What could be better?

boyfriend in bed #5Hi, friends and readers:

As mentioned in today’s early morning post, I didn’t get to bed until about four AM this morning, after my return flight from Vancouver. This morning, I woke around nine AM, with my legs intertwined with my boyfriend’s. and it felt so good, lying under the covers with him for the first time in ten days. He has nice, strong legs; he’s built for sports, especially soccer, and I love it when he wraps them around mine like he did this morning. What’s better than waking up next to your boyfriend? Nothing, friends. Trust me.

boyfriend in bed #2Allow me to ramble about my trip to British Columbia (BC), to areas I had never seen before. We stayed in a home about 20 miles outside of Powell River, which is about 100 miles north of Vancouver, and right on the coast, in an inlet off the Pacific where the water was 200 feet deep, and evergreen-covered mountains came right to the edge of the water. We had a 23-foot powerboat and a Ford Explorer at our disposal. A fishing guide took us fishing and I caught my first salmon ever, a Chinook weighing nine pounds. We harvested clams and huge oysters. I cooked seafood ’til it came out of our ears. We hiked in the forest and on the beaches of Savary Island, a beautiful place only a ten minute water taxi ride from the nearby village of Lund. The people in BC are quite welcoming to strangers; they are not wary at all, and always willing to help. Their kindness is contagious, and I found myself going out of my way to be as kind to them.

between the sheetsWe took several beautiful boating excursions in the area. In the distance we saw snow-capped mountains. I cooked things I’d never cooked before: baked salmon, fried oysters, steamed clams, and fish chowder. A neighbor gave us a small baggie of marijuana and rolling papers as a welcoming gift, and I certainly partook of my share. We had campfires on the shore every night. when the only noises we heard were the lapping of waves against the stones on the beach.

british-columbia-flagThat’s the BC flag to the left here, by the way. I also spent one night in Vancouver, which is an amazing city. We saw quite a bit of downtown, and our 28th-floor hotel room had a balcony with a spectacular view of the city skyline. We dined on Korean food in a restaurant where my friend and I were the only non-Asians and the only people speaking English, but everyone was super-friendly and helpful. Vancouver has a very young and affluent population with lots of very sexy, hipster guys wandering the sidewalks. If you ever get a chance, go there. You won’t be disappointed.

Okay, everyone, I have friend coming over for drinks, so I must go. Have a wonderful Saturday night.

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