Beautiful Ryan Phillippe; another steamy day on the island ….

ryan philippeHi, friends and readers:

Back in 1996, a film titled White Squall released. Included in the cast was Ryan Phillippe, who you see to the left, and as soon I saw him in the film I said, “That guy’s one of the best looking young men I have ever seen.”

I think Ryan was married to Reese Witherspoon for a while, but I don’t know much else about his private life. Whoever’s involved with him today is a lucky man or woman, that’s for sure.

My day’s been a little screwed up so far. I rose  very early to meet with my building contractor. I was so sleepy I ended up going back to bed for an hour, and then I took my usual three-mile walk on the beach. By the time I got home I was drenched in sweat. Normally, this afternoon I would go to the YMCA, but I got sidetracked by other matters and now it’s nearly three PM. Where did the day go?

ryan phillippe #2Here’s what Ryan Phillippe looks like today, 18 years after he appeared in White Squall. I think he still looks mighty good, don’t you?

My boyfriend is working tonight, so I’ll be on my own for dinner. I’ll throw together a simple meal, and then maybe I do a bit of work on my work-in-progress, a novel that has already reached 60,000 words and shows no sign of coming to as close.

Okay, everyone, I have to get busy, so I will wish you all a pleasant Monday, wherever you might be.

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