Hot guys in Speedos; quiet day ahead for Martin ….

speedo black #2Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the photo to the left. The young man’s swimsuit is so skimpy it’s a wonder he bothered wearing one at all. I have simply got to attend a water polo match sometimes. The sights must be outstanding ….

I rose at seven AM this morning, A little rain shower had passed over our island minutes before, but the rain had ceased falling by the time I got out the front door for my usual three-mile walk on the beach. Because the sky was cloudy, conditions down there weren’t as warm as usual, and a nice breeze blew from the Gulf. There weren’t many people on the beach, as today’s a Tuesday, but I passed several people walking for exercise like me. The Gulf’s pretty frothy right now, so I only took a quick dip in the water before returning to the house.

speedo blackAs I write this post, I do so to the banging and clanging of a roofing crew that is installing our new metal roof. This whole process began last fall when we realized we had a leak in our guest bedroom that couldn’t be fixed for reasons too complicated to go into. As part of the new roof construction, I decided to add a roofed observation deck at the north end of the property, and that has turned out to be quite a project.I had to apply for a zoning variance for the deck, which involved having a detailed survey of the property performed. I paid for architectural plans, and then I had to attend a public hearing on the variance. The process took months to complete, and now construction has been ongoing for about six weeks. Our completion date will be around three weeks from now. Whew ….

Today will be a relatively quiet day for me, save for the banging from above. I missed my visit to the YMCA yesterday, so I plan to visit there today, after my afternoon doctor’s appointment. My boyfriend’s working again tonight, so I’ll be on my own. It’s okay, I wrote on y new book for two hours this morning, and I’ll need to edit the news stuff this evening.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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