A boyfriend in your bed: a great way to start your Labor Day holiday ….

boyfriend in bed #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Labor Day in the U.S., which is a holiday for most people. For folks up north it means the unofficial end to summer — no more trips to the beach and time to close up the swimming pool. Not so in Florida, where our hot and humid weather will continue until mid-October.

I started out my Labor Day just how I wanted to, by waking up next to my boyfriend, and then sharing some intimate time with him before we got out of bed. In my view, having a boyfriend in your bed, one you not only lust for but who you genuinely love, is one my life’s greatest gifts. I’m a lucky guy ….

boyfriend in bed #9Both of us needed some new items of clothing, so after breakfast we drove south to a huge outlet mall. The place was crowded, but well-staffed, and every apparel store you could think of was open for business. In the space of ninety minutes we found everything we wanted, and then we enjoyed a pleasant lunch before returning home with our purchases. Normally, I detest shopping, but our morning’s intimacies put me in a great mood, so I didn’t mind our trip to the outlet mall at all.

Now we’re home and my boyfriend is studying for tomorrow’s classes. After I finish this post, I’ll do a bit of reading and editing, before it’s time to start thinking about preparing dinner. It’s hot as hell outside, too warm for even the beach, as there is no breeze blowing, so I’ll stay inside the air conditioning where it’s cool.

Have a nice Labor Day, everyone.

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