A sexy little video clip. Remember “Queer as Folk”?

queer as folkHi, friends and readers:

Have a look at tonight’s video clip post. If you are under the age of twenty-five, then you probably don’t remember the Showtime cable series, Queer as Folk. It ran from 2000 – 2005, and for its time it was pretty edgy. The boy on the left was one of the main characters, Justin.

The above scene comes from the show’s first season, when Justin is a prep school senior who has just begun exploring his gay sexuality. In the scene, Justin gives a classmate a hand job in their school’s athletic storage closet. I remember when I first saw the scene; it was a bit shocking to view on cable TV, and very sexy.

queer as folk JustinThe show aired on Sunday nights, around ten I think, and some of my friends used to throw Queer as Folk viewing parties on Sunday. Justin was always my favorite character in the show, but there were many good ones. The story line was pretty interesting, and I was sorry when the show ended.

It’s been a good day for me, very relaxed. Right after lunch I drove the Element into town, to visit the YMCA for a lap-swimming session. The pool wasn’t busy and I got my own lap lane, always a nice occurrence. On my way home I bought a couple of t-shirts for the gym I’d been wanting, and then I hit the supermarket, where I got to talk with my favorite stock boy, a college freshman with the dreamiest eyes and a syrupy voice that gives me the tingles.

My boyfriend and I are home now. I plan to barbeque a cut up chicken on the charcoal grille. I’ll prepare Cajun “dirty rice” and steamed yellow squash as sides, and it should be really good. Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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