Another hot guy getting wet; this time in the shower ….

shower #3Hi, friends and readers:

Since I featured guys getting wet in this morning’s photo posts, I thought I’d continue the theme, this time with a nice video clip of a guy getting wet in the shower. Now, if he were at my house, I think I’d be tempted to crawl in the shower stall with him. I wonder how he’d react?

It’s been a productive day, in the writing department and otherwise. I made visits to the wine market, a discount store to buy new wine glasses (Our guests are always breaking them, so I buy cheap ones.), and then to the supermarket. I’m cooking a Mexican dinner tonight: crunchy tacos and frijoles negros. I bought a 12-pack of Dos Equis beer as well, so we can stick with the Mexican theme while we watch the Packers – Seahawks game tonight.

Outside it’s kind of warm and sticky, but I may spend a little time on our new observation deck before I start cooking. Now, if only I had our shower boy here to join me. 😉

Have anice Thursday evening, friends.

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