Beautiful surfers; gloomy Monday morning on the island ….

surfer #19Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday I talked about skimboarding, a sport popular on the Gulf Coast, but I don’t think skimboarding’s nearly as pleasurable as surfing. That’s why I am willing to drive 160 miles eastward, to Brevard County, to ride waves. When I’m bobbing on my board, 150 yards offshore, I feel a sense of freedom that’s unmatched by any other experience.

Oh, the surfers I encounter can also be quite beautiful, an added bonus, you see.

I rose around eight this morning, but I didn’t take a walk on the beach because over the weekend I cut my heel on a sea shell  down at the shore, and right now the cut is pretty sore. This doesn’t happen often to me, and since I insist on walking the beach barefooted, I have no one to blame but me.

surfer #17It’s a gloomy morning, here on the island. We had heavy rain in the middle of the night; it pounded the roof on our house, and now the sky is overcast. Everything looks sort of washed-out and drab outdoors.

My boyfriend left for school around nine AM, and I spent 2-1/2 working on the edits to my upcoming YA novel. Now I’m done for the day, and maybe I’ll do a crossword puzzle before lunch.

Since it’s Monday, I’ll visit the YMCA this afternoon for my usual workout and lap-swimming. The “Y” I belong to is a modern, well-equipped facility, with lots of plate glass windows, so the rooms are never dark. I’ve gone there for almost five years, and I know several guys there pretty well. It’s a friendly place, and I feel lucky to me a member. If I don’t get regular exercise, I start getting cranky, and it’s too hot at this time of year to exercise outdoors. So the “Y” is the perfect place for me.

Our evening should be a quiet one, as my boyfriend will need to study, and I can do some more editing work. Wherever you are today, I hope you’ll have a pleasant Monday.

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