Sexy guys in A-shirts; pretty morning on the island today ….

a-shirt #4Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like this morning’s photo posts as much as I do? There’s something about a A-shirt that flatters a young man’s body in a way no other shirt does. An A-shirt shows off a guy’s arm and shoulder muscles, and also his armpit hair. I think “willowy” guys look better in A-shirts than beefcakes do. The guy to the left looks great in his, I think.

I rose very early this morning, around seven, to take a three-mile walk on the beach. A huge full moon, as bright and silvery as a newly-minted quarter, was setting over the Gulf. The air was cool, and a nice little breeze blew. A thunderstorm was moving westward over the Gulf, and on my return walk I saw a huge rainbow where the storm had been. What a great way to start my day ….

At last, I think summer in central Florida is drawing to a close. Maybe I’ll be able to ride my bicycle here on the island again, a great way to get exercise. . My poor bike has been sitting on the back porch since May. It looks so lonely.

a-shirt #3I just finished working on revisions to my upcoming Young Adult novel, and this round of edits is just about done. It’s been a pretty intense task these last few days, but I’m happy with the outcome. Soon I’ll send the file back to my editor for her further review.

My boyfriend’s came home from school so we could share lunch together before his afternoon class. Right now, he’s studying in his office. He has a lot of reading to do, so I am trying to be quiet.

After lunch, I have to do my share of our monthly housecleaning chores. My boyfriend already did his share on Saturday. My share involves cleaning the two bathroom and our bedroom, and then I need to mop our wood floors. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? 🙁

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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