Beautiful blond guys; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

blond beauty #4Hi, friends and readers:

My personal tastes in men runs to guys with brown hair and dark eyes. If you saw my boyfriend, you’d see what I mean. šŸ™‚ But I know a lot of you guys are crazy for blond guys with blue eyes. (Aren’t those features caused by “recessive genes”? I was never a good science student ….) So I thought I’d share a couple of photos with everyone this morning. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Last night, after dinner, my boyfriend and I sat n our new observation deck, enjoying the sight of a full moon rising, and the feel of a nice cool breeze. It was so beautiful up there I hated to come back down to the ground floor level. The weather is definitely beginning to cool off, here in central Florida, which is great. Soon we’ll be able to canoe and camp without sweating or getting swarmed by bugs. I’m big on outdoor activities and so is my boyfriend, so this is a favorite time of year.

blond beauty #2I rose around eight this morning, but I didn’t walk on the beach today because the cut on my heel is still kind of sore. After my boyfriend left for school, I got busy writing fresh material in my work-in-progress, a novel that’s already 77,000 words long and it’s nowhere near completion. The book has elements of horror, mysticism, and neo-Nazi politics in its pages; it’s not like anything I have written before.

Today will be a typical Wednesday for me. My boyfriend has his afternoon free, so he’s coming home for lunch, and then we’ll visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. We’ll hit the wine market on the way home, and then I’ll prepare a nice dinner for us while he studies for tomorrow’s classes.

Maybe we’ll even have time to take a moonlit swim at our timeshare condo down the street. IĀ loveĀ this time of year. Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful blond guys; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

  1. If you’re interested: the first guy’s name is Tobias Schƶnenberg (Schoenenberg), an actor from Germany. And he has a twin brother that is also that beautiful.

    • Hi, Jens:

      Thanks for the information. Tobias is a beautiful guy. I have visited Germany many times, and I have lived all summer in Berlin four times. Germany is my second home; I have many friends there. I hope you enjoy my website. Thanks again for writing.


      • Unfortunately I have to confess, that, nevertheless I’m living in Germany (in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt), I’ve only been to Berlin one time, ten years ago and only for about 3 days. Have to change this next year.

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