Hot boys on bicycles; beautiful morning on the island ….

bicycleHi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photo to the left as much as I do. I posted it once before, probably a couple of years ago, and I happened to come across it earlier this morning. It’s a very special photo, I think. The boy’s cute, of course, but that’s not why the photo rates with me. I like the expression on his face; he seems to be pondering something important, and I like his tousled hair. Check out the cobblestone street he’s been riding on. The photo clearly was taken somewhere in Europe, in an old city. I’m guessing Italy, and the boy’s name is Giovanni. He spends his Saturdays pedaling around his neighborhood, lost in thoughts of … Who knows?

I rose around eight this morning, to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. Conditions were perfect down there: sunny, dry, and breezy. The Gulf was calm, and I took a nice dip in the water at the end of my walk.

bmx #11I have a nice day planned. My boyfriend’s gone for the day, and I’ll spend a good deal of time working on my YA novel revisions. The book takes place in the 1970’s. It details a gay college student’s difficulties after he’s “outed.” Here’s a quote from the book that will appear on the back cover of the print version:

“My participation in the Anita Bryant protest shattered the straight-boy image I’d created for myself—instantly and permanently—and since that day I haven’t hidden my sexual orientation from anyone. I have lived as an openly gay man, an unapologetic faggot who loves as he sees fit.”

A friend from the city’s coming out for a visit, and we’ll spend time at the shore, walking and soaking in the Gulf. I’ve known him since I was eight years old, so we go back a long way.

I’m not sure what the evening holds in store, but I have tasty leftovers from hosting a friend for dinner last night, so it’s going to be an easy Saturday night. Have a good day, friends.

4 thoughts on “Hot boys on bicycles; beautiful morning on the island ….

  1. I guess the picture was taken few decades ago somewhere in central or eastern Europe. The boy does not look like an Italian.

    There is the interesting fact also: I spent in Italy one year and had seen not a single lad without some kind of shirt. Even kids! Italy has a lot of conservative traits, especially regarding family, lifestyle and religion.

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